the economics at tuitiongenius programme

established, 2007


the difference

The "Economics at Tuitiongenius" programme is not the ordinary tuition programme. Lessons are actually described by students to be 'fun' and 'engaging' where there is 'never a moment that you feel like falling asleep'.

Lessons are designed in a way to pique your interest in Economics by helping you make sense of how Economics can be applied to your world, your daily life and your experiences.

At the end of the day, you will find yourself more confident in Economics, able to navigate yourself through the examinations also because you really understand the concepts and not just purely through regurgitation.


the results

60% to 65% — of our students score an A at the A Levels Economics examinations

30% to 35% — of our students score a B at the A Levels Economics examinations

75% — of our JC1 students score an A or B at the JC1 promotional examinations or place within the top 10% of their cohort


the 'tested & proven' approach

Every lesson in the 52 weeks of the year has been designed with the final outcomes in mind - firstly, to help you score a distinction at the examinations and secondly to develop your love and interest for economics.

We take a structured approach towards the development of the programme where every lesson has been pre-planned to achieve a certain objective. We typically start with content building in the early part of the term, and towards the finishing line, we stack up on essential case study application & essay-writing skills. Quarterly tests are also placed to ensure that students take stock of what they've learnt and also for the tutor to ensure you have developed sufficient competency in the subject.


the perks

Our premium pantry available and well-stocked at all our locations are highly raved about by students. Munch on snacks & be refreshed throughout lessons —
Free-Flow Snacks & Drinks

Mr Toh is available for face-to-face consultations via appointment or alternatively he is also available 24/7 on WhatsApp for burning questions you may have —
Consultations with Mr Toh

An online learning portal with gamified features allow for sharing of materials, reviewing of concepts learnt in classes —
Online Learning Portal

Notes are given every lesson and they are done in a way such that you learn exactly what is required of you, nothing more, nothing less — 
Comprehensive & Concise Notes Package