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Find out why we are #1 in Economics Tuition!


“Toh’s Dedication is borderline insane…” - mothership

"Toh’s dedication to teaching economics is borderline insane: He’s pretty much teaching 24/7, clocking in about 30 to 40 hours of teaching and free-of-charge consultations with students which can be up to 20 hours or more.
This doesn’t include informal WhatsApp consultations, in which he says he responds, sometimes up to 2am or 3am.
After years of hearing teachers strictly forbidding contact with students after school hours, this is quite a different and personal approach Toh has taken to tutoring his students."

“This Approach is definitely working…” - vulcan post

"From a pantry stocked with snacks, to McDonald’s for breakfast, to plane tickets as a reward for good grades – Eugene is on his way to making tuition not just enriching, but enjoyable as well.

And with screenshots of students thanking him for their A grades, to a seemingly endless list of positive testimonials – this approach is definitely working."

“Proven to be a hit with students…” -raffles press

"This personable and hands-on promotional style has also seen the trio conduct free bubble tea and portable charger giveaways outside school gates, which have proven to be a hit with students."


"Keeping up with technological advances, Mr Toh has also adopted the use of hybrid learning through live-streaming lessons, Slack workspace for collaboration & communications with students as well as an immersive LMS. This has introduced flexibility into learning as students can choose to learn at their convenience.
“For instance, if my student does not feel like coming down to the centre today, he is able to log in to the portal and still attend the lesson live at the comfort of his home. The choice is up to them.”
With such innovative tools incorporated to Mr Toh’s classes, it is no wonder why he is highly popular with his students with over a thousand handwritten testimonials and Facebook and Google reviews."

“Specialises in tutoring JC students…” - STOMP!

"Students with exceptional grades get awarded air tickets, iPads, and even cash at a local tuition centre, Economics at TuitionGenius, which specialises in tutoring junior college (JC) students on the subject of economics."

“If I were a few years younger I would totally sign up…”

"But what if I tell you that there’s a Tuition Centre that not only makes classes tolerable, but even motivational?
Economics at TuitionGenius is one such tuition centre, and boy, if I were a few years younger I would totally sign up for one of their courses too."

“Gets home around 10pm, gets straight back to work, via Whatsapp consult with students…” - YAHOO! NEWS

"A self-professed workaholic, he gets home at around 10pm every day, and after freshening up and spending some time with his young son, gets straight back to work – this time, via Whatsapp consultation sessions with his students."

"This Tuition Centre Gives Away Air Tickets for Good Grades…"

“Star Tutor…”


“Most students go because of friends’ recommendations…”