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prepare for j2 with just 8 lessons

holiday crashcourse - headstart package


are you a jc1 student looking to be ready for transition to jc2 classes? did you struggle with your promo exams? would you like a headstart before 2019?

The HEADSTART crashcourse is conducted during the school holidays. There will be a total of 8 lessons spread across 4 days. Each lesson will be 2 hours long. There will be 4 lessons focusing on CONTENT, touching all Microeconomics topics you learnt in JC1 and 4 lessons focusing on SKILLS. Each lesson is priced at $100 each. If you sign up for all 8 lessons, the package price is $600. All classes will be conducted at Coronation Plaza, however, they will also be available via live-stream, enjoy an additional $200 off if you choose to attend the lessons via live stream instead of attending the physical lessons! :)