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Founder of Economics at Tuitiongenius, Mr Eugene Toh

Founder of Economics at Tuitiongenius, Mr Eugene Toh


It all started when…

Mr Toh started tutoring students in Economics on a 1-1 basis in 2007 and is the founder for Economics at Tuitiongenius. Within a year, he gained a significant following and moved on to do group tutoring due to overwhelming demand. Since then, he has been tutoring around 200 students on an annual basis. His students generally do well in Economics with at least 6 months of tutoring, with most going on to place top 10th percentile in school examinations and the proportion of students who score As & Bs at the A Levels is maintained at around 90 - 95% since 2007.

He graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor in Economics and then later on went to complete a Masters degree in Economics from Singapore Management University (SMU). Mr Toh is currently also doing an executive Masters of Business Management from the Smartly School of Business. It is Mr Toh's plan to continue to further his studies and he intends to eventually do a post-graduate degree in Medicine.

Professionally, Mr Toh is a member of the Economic Society of Singapore, and he keeps his students constantly updated of current local & global economics affair. Mr Toh is also a published author of a series of Economics guidebook known as "The Essential Guide to A Level Economics".

Mr Eugene Toh is a renowned Economics tutor in Singapore and has been featured on major news media such as Mothership, The Vulcan Post, Straits Times, New Paper & more. With more than 1000+ testimonials & reviews from ex-students, Mr Toh is the most highly rated Economics tutor in Singapore.

Mr Toh currently also serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Learn Anywhere, an online platform providing interactive tuition programmes and also the Economics Director for the Economics Anywhere programme.